Bausch + Lomb: S. Dunwoody FBDO CL FIACLE

Precision for the Presbyopic Astigmat

This session will look at the typical prescribing trends for fitting presbyopic astigmatic patients with contact lenses. It will recognise the complications that this age group face with vision correction and also understand the need to be mindful of the changes, within the tear film and ocular surface, that are often seen with this category of patients. With these biological and physical changes gradually occurring over time, it is also the case that some patients are not aware that these changes are a normal consequence and therefore careful explanation and empathy is often required as part of the fitting process. The presentation will introduce the new Bausch + Lomb Ultra® Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lens and explain how the latest technology works to enable this group of patients to benefit from precision optics provided by the 3 Zone Progressive Design™ and the OpticAlign™ Design. Additionally, with the material incorporating MoistureSeal® Technology, it offers moisture retention for exceptional wettability and durability over 30 days of use. Finally, a step by step fitting guide will also be demonstrated showing how simple the lens is to fit so that presbyopic astigmatic contact lens wearers can benefit from seamless, stable vision and all day comfort.


Serena is a Senior Professional Affairs Associate with Bausch + Lomb UK since 2011. Prior to this, she spent 16 years in full time practice as a Contact Lens Optician for both Independents and multiples. Over the years, she has supervised Pre-registration Optometrists (Contact Lenses) and trainee Dispensing Opticians. Within her role at Bausch + Lomb, she writes & delivers a variety of presentations, including CET lectures and articles, runs workshops on scleral lens fitting, provides an annual lecture for City University as a guest speaker for 3rd year optometry students, and supplies clinical training to internal teams within B+L VisionCare. Serena is also a Visiting Clinical tutor (VCT), at City University, London supervising 3rd year students in their contact lens clinics. In Feb 2020, she was awarded her Fellowship from IACLE.