K. Adjari (Optos)

Peripheral retina lesions and unexpected findings usually missed by conventional cameras.
SECTION: Retina eye care: usage of OPTOS technology in the optometric practice
This session will present what we can easily miss as optometrists when it comes to retina conditions.  In today's practice, with both an aging demographic and myopia that is on the rise, retina care becomes more important. This session will explore the application and advantages of wide-field fundus multi scan photography, autofluorcense angiography, and fluorescein angiography using OPTOS as part of the next level of retina care.
The session will commence with an anatomical review of retinal zones followed by case studies based on a comparative evaluation of currently available technologies for fundus evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, outlining the advantages of the newest technologies.
 Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment of different retina disorders through cases of:                                                                Retina detachment Conclusion:    
New technology facilitates an 80% view of the retina, vastly improving the evaluation of retina conditions, without the disadvantage of dilation and extended eye exams, while allowing for a digital recording for tracking over time.