M. Lingvall (Multilens, Sweden)

Effects of anisometropia

What happens when we correct an anisometropia with glasses? What side effects could be expected and how do we prevent it? After this lecture you will have a greater understanding of what kind of problems that can occur when there is an anisometropia and the solutions that are available to increase patient satisfaction.


BSc in Optometry
Martin Lingvall took his degree in optometry at Karolinska Institute graduating 2001. After a few years in private practice he joined Hoya Lens Sweden. The last years at Hoya he served as Nordic Product and Technical Support Manager. He was assigned as product trainer both internationally as well as within the Nordic region. Since 2011 he is employed by Multilens in Sweden as a Product Advisor and Educator. He is a frequently assigned speaker and lecturer at congresses and at the Universities in the Nordic region.