Datum: 16 november 2022

BCLA-webinar: An audience with contact lens wearers

Door BCLA aangeboden aan OVN-leden

There are so many different types of contact lens wearers, and we have to learn to help them all get the most out of their lens wear – new wearers who are just starting out on their contact lens journey, established wearers and those who once tried and failed.

Sarah Morgan is an optometrist with a special interest in contact lenses with expertise in communication. In this webinar, Sarah shares her top tips for engaging with wearers so they can get the best out of contact lenses and really enjoy their lens wear. 

Praktische informatie

Datum:             16 november 2022
Tijd:                    19.30 – 20.30 uur 
Locatie:              online
Voor:                   OVN-leden
Kosten:                 geen kosten voor leden
KP-punten:   1 punt (in aanvraag)

Exclusief contactlensaanbod voor OVN-leden

Alle OVN-leden kunnen vrijblijvend en kosteloos deelnemen aan deze webinar op 16 november om te ervaren wat de British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) te bieden heeft. De OVN heeft voor haar leden een exclusieve afspraak gemaakt met de BCLA voor korting op het BCLA-lidmaatschap.  Lees hier meer over het exclusieve aanbod voor OVN-leden >>>

Abstract Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is an optometrist and communication enthusiast, and has worked in clinical research at The University of Manchester where she gained her MPhil – she continues to lecture and lead clinical sessions and holds the post of Vision Sciences Fellow. Her business consultancy includes a wide portfolio of projects including staff development and training, advising professional organisations, and healthcare communication initiatives for manufacturers in the UK, Europe and globally. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the British Contact Lens Association.


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